Organic Spices For A Healthy Living

Organic Spices for a Healthy Living

Spices indisputably form a vital part of every cuisine. With their own unique flavor and essence, they can make or break a dish. But do they only add taste to the recipe? No. Spices carry a host of nutrients that contribute to better immunity. So it is essential to add quality spices to your cooking that can enable you to lead a better lifestyle. 


When buying food, we tend to buy organic, but in the case of spices, we purchase conventional ones. We probably don’t think about them as we use them in moderation. But the switch to organic spices brings immense benefits to the health as well as the environment. 

Organic VS Regular Spices

Why replace conventional spices?

  • Use of pesticides and fertilizers

Conventional farming uses pesticides and fertilizers to grow crops. These chemicals hinder their quality and reduce the nutrition level. It also damages the land and drains its fertility.

  • Synthetic colors/flavors and fillers

High-demand spices are adulterated with coloring and flavors. These harsh colors and chemicals affect our health and disrupt the normal functioning of our body.

  • Fumigation and Irradiation

Conventional manufacturers use harmful sterilization methods to remove the microorganisms from unprocessed powders. While fumigation uses harmful chemicals that not just destroy the microorganisms but are also harmful to human health, irradiation uses electromagnetic radiation to kill microbes. This radiation has several negative effects on the nutritional profile of the spices. 

  • Harmful additives

Harmful chemicals like sodium aluminosilicate, sodium ferrocyanide, calcium silicate, and silicon dioxide are often added to powdered spices to avoid the formation of lumps which can severely affect our health. 

Are Organic Spices Worth it?

Why buy organic spices?

  • Evitates toxic chemicals

Organic spices are cultivated without the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, genetically modified crops, waste sludge, or emissions, setting the stage for cleaner, healthier food ingredients. The producers maintain product credibility. The production method is hygienic because of the strict quality control. 

  • High on antioxidants

 The use of organic spices increases the consumption of antioxidants which cuts down the negativity in our body. Antioxidants scavenge free radicals from the body cells and reduce the risk of many diseases. 

  • Better in taste

Because no artificial compounds influence the chemical composition, organically produced spices have a fresher fragrance and taste. They can actually help to revamp the overall flavor and essence of the whole recipe. 

  • Increases immunity

GMOs and pesticides alter the chemical composition of the spices and make them harmful for consumption. The organic farming method retains all the vital nutrients in natural form, which is extremely beneficial for immunity.

  • Certified and standard quality

Organic spices are all 100 percent certified organic by the authorities of the respective regions. This ensures that the product labeled as organic has surpassed all the quality specifications, ensuring the product’s complete health. 

Besides these health benefits, organically grown foods avoid pollution of the soil , water sources and water table. While debate on the nutritional benefits still continues, organic at least does not have the adverse effects of the chemicals. So if you’d like to think good, think organic! And when thinking of organic spices, think Biohabit! Our premium range of spices carry bold flavors, rich colors, spicy aromas and nutrients that make your food refreshingly good! From the quintessential turmeric powder and garam masalas to the taste enhancing cloves and cardamoms, explore the spices of Biohabit on our website!

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