3 Reasons why the Organic Meat Industry is surging

Organic Meat

The organic food industry is growing at an unprecedented rate, to be precise, at a CAGR of 8.6% over the next 5 years. The interest in organic meat is increasing annually, so much so that recognisable brands are often seen coming up with organic versions of their conventional food items.

What is Organic Meat?

Food and beverages produced using organic farming practices are referred to as organic food, ecological food, or biological food. Organic agricultural practices cycle resources, promote ecological balance, and maintain biodiversity, according to various standards around the world. Organic meat adheres to a similar ideology except that the sole focus is on the slimmer category of animal meats. Arguably, meats demand cleaner and more ethical means of cultivation as the risk of contracting diseases from consuming meats is much higher than their counterpart vegetarian options. This is why the adoption of reliable methods while farming meat is set to appease the non-vegetarian population of the world which currently stands roughly at 80% currently.

Analysing the Growth Factors

In 2020, India was the leading organic food-producing country in the world, measured by the number of producers. In the organic meat sector as well. With the setup of new factories in India as well as around the world, the scope for export is increasing to meet the ever increasing demand.

1)  Elevated quality:

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It indicates an elevated quality. Organic meat must come from animals that have been reared organically on certified organic land and fed organic feed without the use of antibiotics or growth hormones. There is a considerable amount of trust that is associated with the quality of organic meat options. Consumers with a higher purchasing power or ones that are attempting healthier lifestyle choices are compelled to purchase organically produced meat products.

2)  Diverse Options:

Organic Meat

It appeals to consumers looking for diverse options. With the rise in ethical living, competition has increased within the organic meat industry as well. Naturally, competition leads to better products being stacked on supermarket aisles. The array of choices now available on the once slim shelf of organic meats is bound to make more consumers give the organic food industry a chance.

3)  Conscious choice boom:

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The 2020 COVID pandemic has led to consumers seeking out more sustainable and health-conscious alternatives. A sudden demand surge has been witnessed post-COVID in the organic meat market as well. Due to more emphasis being placed on ethical consumption of meat and a strict watch on what conditions the meat is being produced, organic meat markets have garnered a significant amount of attention.

The aforementioned reasons have contributed to the growth rate of the Organic Meat Market. With the delivery of delicious meat, with little or no exposure to pesticides and a higher content of antioxidants and nutrients, this industry is gaining fresh visibility and a newly informed audience. Governed by more informed choices and an emphasis on quality control, organic meat markets are set to leap big by 2022.

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